Sicilian Tangerines from Azienda Scollo are juicy and scented with few seeds and are characterized by:

  • High content of Vitamin C;
  • Cholesterol reduction;
  • Important action on the skin;
  • Antioxidant properties.


  • 8 Kg box: net weight: 8 Kg | gross weight: 10 Kg
  • 17 Kg box: net weight: 17 Kg | gross weight: 20 Kg
  • 27 Kg box: net weight: 27 Kg | gross weight: 30 Kg

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Sicilian Tangerines from Azienda Scollo, which you can buy online, are characterized by these features:

  • They have a high content of vitamin C, so they are important for the immune system;
  • They lower cholesterol, an important prevention against obesity;
  • In symbiosis with vitamin C they promote the production of collagen, which is very important for the skin.

Additional information

Weight1000 g
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Cost per Kilo 1,30 €/Kg, 8 Kg box – 1,30 €/Kg, 17 Kg box – 1,30 €/Kg, 27 Kg box – 1,20 €/Kg


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