SICILIAN ALMONDS (Pizzuta d’Avola) 1kg


Variety: Pizzuta D’Avola Siciliana

With the name of almonds it is recognized as a typical Sicilian product, included in the list of traditional Italian agro-food products (P.A.T) of the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies (Mipaaf).

DESCRIPTION: They are collected in the period August-September and are used both in the kitchen (pesto alla trapanese) and in confectionery (confetti, biscuits, pastries, marzipan).

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  • A handful of Sicilian almonds a day contributes to the protein needs.
  • They represent an excellent natural supplement, it develops so much energy to let you face the day.
  • They are also rich in Iron.
  • They are excellent for the intestines thanks to the presence of fibers.
  • They contain calcium and therefore help the bones.
  • Keep your skin young and fresh because it is rich in vitamin E.


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Weight 1000 g