Scollo Sebastiana’s farm, born before ourselves in 1983, aims to guarantee the experience handed down by our parents.

Mainly we want to bring it to mind our beloved Sicily and the pleasure to sit together, adopting a philosophy that approaches man and environment. In fact, we produce organic products predominantly in order to safeguard both the consumer and our loved land too.

Our farm wants to shorten the whole production chain so our products, just harvest, can reach your table at once. You can enjoy genuine products with bright colours, full of sweet and fresh taste and intense scents offered by our typical environment.



Nowadays, strong in the experience of our predecessors and alongside our parents we sons get ahead the company. We are driven by an unprecedented passion for the sector coupled with growing motivational and entrepreneurial skills, commercializing our red oranges, our extra virgin olive oil from Iblei Mounts and other products in Italy and abroad, guaranteeing fresh and genuine product in the full respect of the environment.


We built a small stack to be able to work the very best on our own products, following the entire work process in person.


We began to apply for and obtain all the appropriate certifications to protect the consumer, while guaranteeing the genuineness of the product he purchased and giving him more and more value added to it, such as IGP branded oranges. All in the respect of the environment, converting our main productions into organic.


As producers, we tried to shorten the supply chain so that our products just picked up come in the tables of our customers, full of flavors and fragrances that our territory gives spontaneously and abundantly.


Over the years, investment in land became more and more frequent, so starting from a few hectares of land, they created what is now Scollo’s farm. We already had this year different kinds of orange groves, vineyards and olive groves.


Believing and always upholding the philosophy derived from our grandparents for which “Power comes from EARTH”, they decided to buy the first “2 tummili” of land equivalent to nearly half a hectare of land.


From the love story of our parents comes our own company. Dad Franco and Mum Nella, after an “elopement”, found themselves in a complicated economic situation with a baby coming. Not having a stable job, they had to arrange themselves as best they could, finding temporary jobs.



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