Organic farming is regulated at European level in order to get:

1. a greater guarantee for the consumer as regards the salubrity of the products and of the production method without syntesis chemicals;
2. the right attention to the requirements of the enviromental protection;
3. socio-economic equilibrium conditions of farms.

Scollo’s farm aims to guarantee a complete transparency enclosing the certificate of conformity. It is issued by the Certifying Body and it contains also the duration of validity.

The Italian Confederation of Farmers is one of the most important European agricultural and professonal organization. It represents over 900.000 subscribers mainly composed of direct growers and agricultural entrepreneus.

Cia carries out activities and initiatives in lots of areas like food security and deduction, protection and enhancement of the enviroment, of farmhouse and forests, of biological agriculture, renewable energies, publishing and information on agricultural legislation.

The Veg Sicilia association is the result of a 100% Sicilian project that aims to promote a choice of conscious life, a natural and VEG and eco-compatible diet. For this aim, it is committed to promote complete, critical and scientific information to give those interested the tools for a correct diet and to promote a cuisine that gives value to 0 km, to local producers and their products and to their seasonality. The food must be more and more: Local Organic Veg Eco
INTEGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT (IPM), also known as integrated pest control (IPC): Our company is certified and authorized for the release of USEFUL INSECTS in order to guarantee an integrated pest management. We carry out:
1) preventive releases of natural enemies that are introduced at the beginning of the phytophagous population development in order to guarantee maximum effectiveness. In some cases, natural enemies can be released before pests are present to ensure optimal effectiveness;
2) inoculative releases of beneficial insects / mites

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