The honey of orange’s blossom comes in a very clear color, which turns to white after crystallization, and a scent of freshness. It is pleasing to the palate, thanks to its intensely aromatic taste but at the same time delicate, like the flowers it comes from.

USE: it is one of the best table honey and is suitable for use in many recipes such as duck and pork roasts, but it is also good with yogurt or spread over a slice of bread, perhaps with a brush of butter.

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Distinguishing features:

  • Exceptional flavor and quality derived from the nectar from which it comes
  • Soothing power, so as to best prepare the body for a restful sleep.
  • It is rich in purifying properties and gives relief to intestinal disorders arising from anxiety or excessive food. It is suggested to take one teaspoon before meals, in the pure state, or dissolved in lukewarm water.

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