Medium to small caliber

DESCRIPTION: Organic oranges are the main product of our company.

This type of fruit, available to you in relation to natural seasonality, is smaller in size and it is ideal for a good juice.

  • Pigmented (IGP) are typical Sicilian fruit, available from mid-December, varieties: Tarocco Gallo, Common Tarocco and Moro
  • 8 Kg box: net weight: 8 Kg | gross weight: 10 Kg
  • 17 Kg box: net weight: 17 Kg | gross weight: 20 Kg
  • 27 Kg box: net weight: 27 Kg | gross weight: 30 Kg

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ATTENTION: Blood oranges are not available due to the end of the seasonality of the product. At the moment we can provide you with Blond Oranges (VALENCIA) locally produced, edible peel but not certified organic.



Peculiar features:
⦁ The high presence of anthocyanins in the Pigmented oranges variety gives the pulp a pigmentation ranging from red to violet red.

⦁ Superior vitamin C content, especially for Pigmented Tarocco varieties.
⦁ Succulent.
⦁ Excellent fruit quality.

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Cost per Kilo – 1,10 €/Kg, 8 Kg box – 1,10 €/Kg, 17 Kg box – 1 €/Kg, 27 Kg box – 1 €/Kg


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