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DESCRIPTION: Organic oranges are the main product of our company.

This type of fruit, available to you in relation to natural seasonality, is smaller in size and it is ideal for a good juice.

In our company we present two types of orange cultivars, all with organic production:

  • Navy Blonde (Navel), ripening October – November.
  • Pigmented (IGP) typical Sicilian fruit, available from mid-December, varieties Tarocco Gallo, Common Tarocco and Moro
  • 8 Kg box: net weight: 8 Kg | gross weight: 10 Kg
  • 17 Kg box: net weight: 17 Kg | gross weight: 20 Kg
  • 27 Kg box: net weight: 27 Kg | gross weight: 30 Kg

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Peculiar features:
⦁ The high presence of anthocyanins in the Pigmented oranges variety gives the pulp a pigmentation ranging from red to violet red. In the Navel varieties, the pulp has a blonde color.
⦁ Superior vitamin C content, especially for Pigmented Tarocco varieties.
⦁ Succulent.
⦁ Excellent fruit quality.

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Cost per Kilo – 0,90 €/Kg, 8 Kg box – 0,85 €/Kg, 17 Kg box – 0,85 €/Kg, 27 Kg box – 0,80 €/Kg


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